Sesame Seaweed Salad

Sesame Seaweed Salad

Sesame Seaweed Salad

Recipe by Nourishing Jang



Salted sesame-focused umami seaweed salad meant to accompany rich meats, stews, soups. Also good with rice and sashimi.


  • 2 oz dried miyeok or wakame seaweed

  • 2-3 T toasted sesame oil

  • 1 T toasted sesame seeds plus more for garnish

  • 1 T flaky sea salt


  • Rehydrate seaweed in lukewarm water about 15 minutes. Swish, drain in colander over sink, rinse briefly with running water, and squeeze remaining water from seaweed.
  • Using kitchen shears, carefully snip the seaweed to bite-sized pieces, removing and composting any tough stems. I do this right in the colander so any extra water can drain away.
  • In medium bowl combine cut seaweed and other salad ingredients. Toss to combine and garnish with additional toasted sesame seeds.

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