Coconut Peanut Noodles (Allergy Friendly)

Coconut Peanut Noodles (allergy-friendly options)

Coconut Peanut Noodles (allergy-friendly options)

Recipe by Nourishing Jang



This can be vegan, vegetarian, and free of peanuts and tree nuts, soy, dairy, wheat, gluten.


  • 2 C coconut peanut sauce

  • 1 lb dried Chinese or Japanese style egg noodles (Nanka Seimen brand is widely available and delicious) or rice stick pad thai-style noodles

  • 1 T sea salt if using egg noodles. Omit for rice noodles.

  • 1 T toasted sesame or neutral oil

  • 2 large red, orange and/or yellow bell peppers, julienned

  • 4-6 large collard or lacinato kale leaves, stems removed, chiffonade

  • 1 T neutral oil for stir-frying

  • Soft herbs like cilantro, basil, mint

  • Garnishes
  • Chopped roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds or pepitas

  • Chili crisp or chili oil

  • Toasted sesame oil

  • Lime wedges

  • optional protein (cooked tofu, egg, meat or seafood)


  • For egg noodles: Bring stockpot of water to a boil, add 1 T sea salt, add dried noodles. If using Nanka Seimen egg noodles, boil for 3 minutes, stirring to prevent sticking. Reserve 2 cups cooking water and set aside. Drain noodles, rinse with cold water, drain again thoroughly, toss with 1 T sesame or neutral oil to separate the strands.

    For rice stick noodles: Soak dried rice stick noodles to room temperature water until softened and more pliable but still firm, usually 10-15 minutes. Drain well, reserving 2 C soaking water. Rinse with cold water, toss gently with 1 T sesame or neutral oil.
  • While noodles cook, preheat large saute pan or wok over medium high heat.
  • When a few drops of water sizzle and dance on the surface, allow water to evaporate and add 1 T neutral oil. Stir-fry julienned pepper 1-2 minutes, add collard strips and cook an additional 30-40 seconds.
  • For egg noodles: Lower heat to medium low, add cold drained noodles, 1 C of reserved cooking water, and 2 C coconut peanut sauce. Stir gently to combine veggies and noodles and coat with sauce.

    For rice noodles: Stir 2 C coconut peanut sauce and 1.5 C reserved water into the veggies. Add soaked drained noodles, gently submerging noodles in sauce. Cover pan and cook on medium low until noodles are softened, approximately 10 minutes.
  • Serve hot, topped with garnishes and a squeeze of lime.

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