“Food binds us to our roots as strongly as any song or poem.

Many of us have learned more about our ancestors in the kitchen than we ever will from a book.”


Welcome to a place where

food is love.

Nourish: The core of parenthood, partnership, friendship and mutual aid. We hunger for nourishing connection and our communities are stronger and healthier when we nurture each other generously. This entire project is dedicated to my three children with the hope that they’ll be able to nourish each other, and one day their families, with the same foods and kitchen table memories they enjoyed through childhood.

Jang or 장 is the family name assigned to me at birth in Korea. I cherish it fiercely as an integral part of my identity. This name is my first connection to my heritage and distant homeland. The second is traditional Korean food, learned from unnies in New York City and countless hours in my own kitchens.

My relatives and friends taught me that food is love made tangible: drop a bbq plate to a neighbor, send a covered dish with friends, find out what people like to eat and honor them with little treats whenever possible. Food is a delightfully universal love language. As one auntie said, if we feed you, we probably love you, at least a little bit.

Grab a seat. Everyone forgets the weather and external stress when there’s mandu to wrap. Tell me what you want to drink, flip your phone on its face, and let’s dive in? We have so many delicious things before us.

xoxo, Hayna

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